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Classen Rental Guide (2023)

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Rent Classen Landscaping Equipment in Southeast WI

For over 35 years, professional landscapers and homeowners alike have trusted Classen tools. Classen transforms and maintains landscapes using innovative, easy-to-use equipment. Area Rentals offers several Classen tools, available for rent.

We offer the highest quality thatchers, seeders, sod cutters and aerators for all your lawn and garden needs. Our rentals are known for their durability and reliability. They are built to last, and are designed to make your lawn and garden work easier and more efficient.

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Classen Thatcher Rental in Milwaukee

Rent a Classen Thatcher from Area Rental to rejuvenate and re-fertilize your lawn. A thatcher scores and lifts to reduce the layer of thatch to a healthy thickness. Too much thatch, especially after a long winter, will prohibit new growth. This thatcher rental will break up compacted soil, remove dead grass and weeds, and aerate your lawn to promote new growth. The unit includes an adjustable thatching depth and a compact design. It is easy to use and will make lawn maintenance a breeze.

  • Dimensions: 40″ H x 27″ W x 44″ L 
  • Dimensions (Folded): 29.5″ H x 27″ W x 30.5″ L 
  • Weight: 135lbs

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Rent a Classen Slit Seeder

This walk-behind slit seeder rental from Classen opens small grooves in your lawn and inserts grass seeds. An industry-leading 1.5-inch blade gets your lawn thicker and greener. The TS-20 Model is ideal for seeding a new lawn or overseeding existing lawns. The 30-pound hopper reduces the time spent reloading the machine and the 20-inch seeding width cuts down on passes.

  • Dimensions: 39” H x 27” W x 51” L 
  • Blade Separation: 1.5 inches
  • Engine: Honda GX160
  • Engine Power: 5.5 Horsepower

Classen Sod Cutter Rentals

Create a new garden bed, patio or walkway! Rent the Classen Sod Cutter to remove damaged or dead grass. Classen’s gas-powered cutter is more powerful and efficient than a manual cutter. This sod cutter rental quickly and cleanly cuts through the toughest turf, making your job easier and faster no matter the size of your project. Our sod cutter requires little physical effort and is easy to use.

  • Cutting Width: 18” 
  • Cutting Depth: 2.5” 
  • Self-Propelled: 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse 
  • 5.5 HP Honda Engine

Classen Aerators for Rent

Area Rentals offers 2 Walk-Behind Aerators, 18 inch and 24 inch. Walk-behind aerators create holes in the ground to allow nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Our lawn aerator rentals feature lightweight designs that make them easy to maneuver around your lawn, with adjustable height and tine depth settings to customize your aeration. The tines penetrate up to 3 inches deep, creating air pockets that help promote air and water circulation to your soil. Some benefits of using a walk-behind aerator include:

  • Improved root growth
  • Enhanced water and nutrient uptake
  • Redacted compaction
  • Improved drainage 

If you’re in a rush to find the right equipment for your project, Area Rental has you covered. We have a wide selection of lawn and garden equipment available for rent. Our prices are unbeatable and our commitment to quality is unmatched. Serving the Midwest since 1975, we provide rental options for 4 hours, a day, a week, or a month. No matter what your budget is, we can meet your needs.

Classen Rental Prices

4 Hours

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