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Chuan Huo Qigang Preparation Of 2 Billion Wedding Expenses Married Guo Jingjing (figure)

Chuan Huo Guo Jingjing to marry at home with courtyard as the bride price

Guo Jingjing in the diving field hard-edged, career, love equally proud, it was rumored marry her boyfriend Huo Qigang has been successful, Jingjing is the default will be retired in 2009. Hogarth, up and down on his future daughter-love with Canada, there are plans to send a message that the value of Mr Fok Yu Yi HK, Beijing courtyard for dowry, the wedding is estimated the total cost of more than 2 billion!

Guo and Huo Qigang encounter at the 2004 Athens Olympics after love at first sight, fell in love four years, Jingjing adhere to the diving hard work, and boyfriend living together from multiple, in one pass break up. However, when the Beijing Olympics Jingjing played this year, attended by his family cheer her boyfriend, and succeeded in defending three-meter diving gold medals, love, the same proud! Diving rise to the top of her career, is known to have ready to retire next year, wholeheartedly marry the groom!

Width is too obsessed with school refusal Mahjong Intention to quit after the game admitted

Jingjing diving industry: “No want good estimate until after 2009, for the future, I will get married, but will still work, I would not like to play mahjong all day as some of Kuo Taitai . I want to have their own careers, but now the best hope we can learn the knowledge, so retirement is likely to first go after school. “but she claims no interest in the Hong Kong entertainment circle. The Huo Qigang watch the battle, he was blunt and Gin have not seen for some time, to avoid the pressure of her, he did not notice easy to come on the encouragement, asked how to celebrate, who laughed: “This thought is good, so look End the ceremony later. “

Future father hosted a banquet in celebration of

Podium, Jingjing presented personally by the prospective father Timothy Fok gold, led to the house down! Retrieving the radio yesterday, also said Mr Fok night the Twin Towers in Beijing’s senior club “blue” for the celebration party held Jingjing, although the Railway Pricing and Huo Qigang not present but greeting the guests, including more than a dozen foreign countries, the price is expected to more than eleven million, is pride! Actually, Mr Fok on the future daughter-love with Canada, a transfer value of his plan to grant Beijing Courtyard Yu Yi HK woman for dowry, so Jingjing parents age, plus gifts and wedding expenses, “Wedding of Huo Guo “least cost over 2 billion!

Gold Jingjing are relaxing after a lot last night also chat online with friends, and she blew it like to eat peppers, but also love clubbing, dancing, drinking and playing dice cup and so on, she said: “My friends say that I can drink a super good, so often a friend drunk, and star photo can be considered one of my hobbies, such as Cecilia Oh, I have a picture! “

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