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Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

Weddings are supposed to be romantic and there is no better setting for romance than a beach. Choosing tropical decor for your wedding theme is something that can easily be incorporated with the colors you choose and even with the location. Even if you can’t have an actual beach for the ceremony, any venue can easily be turned into a tropical paradise to create your perfect beach theme wedding.

The stage for the ceremony itself is very important and where the real romance takes place. Think about using a coastal wedding canopy to take your vows under. The simplicity of this kind of canopy provides a very romantic setting. All you need are four pieces of bamboo and a material that is gauzy, like tulle. You could have this material in white or an ocean turquoise blue.

Making an aisle on a beach is simply done by lining the stretch of sand with sea shells and large rocks. But if you can’t be on the beach, you can bring the beach to you. All you need is a strip of tarp on the aisle and then cover it with sand. To complete the look, line the homemade sand aisle with large starfish and some conch shells.

With pews or a ladder-back style of chairs, you have the opportunity to hang something special. A trendy yet beachy choice would be large lush tassels either in neutral colors like sand or the colors of your wedding. Attach a starfish or shells to the tassels to complete the look.

Decorating for the reception can be fun with all the different coastal decorations out there. You can place large beautiful sea shells on the tables and then adorn them with strings of pearls. There can even be a mix and match with glass bowls of sand inside of them. You can either do natural sand or colored sand to match your wedding scheme. Adding some pearls and small shells into the sand will give it a classic elegant look.

Adding some little touches here and there will make a big difference. Clam shells instead of a ring pillow are a unique way to carry the rings for that day. Use a turquoise tulle material to drape and swag on the head table to add a colorful yet chic touch. The walls may be decorated with nets that have shells, starfish, rocks or whatever beach items you want attached.

Your wedding day is special and no one should decide how it is put together except for you. Creating a beach wedding is easy even if you don’t live within a hundred miles of a beach. With the right coastal decor and colors,you’ll turn your special day into a magical one. Search online at sites like to find great deals.

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