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Asian Theme Wedding Favors

Asian Theme Wedding Favors have never been more popular than they are today. Part of this has to do with the younger couples wanting to break from tradition and do their wedding their own way. What is interesting about this is that they are not just for the Asian couples. Many couples have an interest and a love for the Asian traditions and heritage. Others simply love the Zen aspect of the culture, so they theme their wedding around that. To complete your theme, you need to make sure you hand out Asian theme wedding favors.

Fortunately for your planning, you will have a lot of different options when it comes time to select the favors. If you are going more toward the Zen aspect of the Asian heritage, then there are plenty of ways you can implement that into your keepsakes. One of the most popular gift matching this theme is a candle with a happiness symbol on it. Not only will it bring joy and happiness to your guests, it also will bring that to your wedding. Your guests will love these because it is so different than the traditional favor.

Another different type of Asian theme wedding favors is geared more toward the cultural aspect, which commonly includes cherry trees. This is a really common symbol in Asian culture, so it only makes sense to include it into your wedding theme. Anything with a cherry blossom should be considered good luck, which of course you want plenty of at your wedding. A creative favor is using a small felt bag with a cherry blossom on the front. You then can fill the bag with candles or anything else you think your guests will love.

Because you are having a themed wedding, you want to get really into it. This is why it is so important to use Asian theme wedding favors. If you didn’t, you really would be cutting short the theme experience for your guests. The keepsake is the one thing they get to take home with them. If you actually are of Asian descent, then you will be able to get even more creative with your favors because you can use what is important to your family.

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