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All You Need to Know Before the Wedding

We are engaged already and as happy as we can be. We can’t wait to say yes to each others. But before this day comes there are a lot to do. So you should know what needs to be done to make this day one of a kind and not make the preparations too hard to do.

List. It sound very simple and almost like a trivial true. But it’s so simple that sometimes people forget about it. And without the list what is to buy, to prepare, people to talk to and places to visit we can forget about something. And in the end that something might ruin all our wedding. We can also make a list of people that we want to invite and gifts that we would like to get.

Booking. Very important is to book the place that we want to make a wedding in. It’s important to make it as soon as possible. At this point we should also visit the church (if it will be this kind of wedding) and ask about marriage courses. Sometimes it might happen that the restaurant is booked in our wished time and someone else is getting married in the same hour in our church. We need time to react properly on these information.

Photographer. It’s great to look after years on the pictures made at our wedding. We want those pictures to be good and show the most funny, beautiful or important moment of the wedding. To have that kind of picture we have to hire a photographer, a good one – we should add. So it’s better to look trough different offers and in the end choose the best one. We can also hear our friends opinion and than decide.

The look. The way we look might have a great impact on our behavior. We should very early think about the way we will look – about the dress, man outfit (will it be traditional wedding suit or frock coat, or a kilt outfit), shoes, hair-do, make up and flowers in our hands. This might seem a little too detailed but all those things really matters. Even the bridal underwear might have an impact on the memories of young couple. Good beginning and the life with each other will be better.

The most important suggestion that couple who is going to marry is to make all those think much earlier than it might seem. Making them on the last moment can make us nervous and take away all our excitement and happiness. And the budget that we are willing to pay shouldn’t be strict – it always can occur that our payments should be much bigger.

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