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Equipment Rental Contract

1. Lessee understands and agrees that said equipment remains the property of Lessor and that failure of the Lessee to return said equipment
to Lessor within the time provided may constitute a crime and subject the Lessee to prosecution, therefore, unless such failure is occasioned
through Lessee’s required compliance with military orders. Equipment must not be taken more than 150 miles from origin without Lessor’s

2. Lessee agrees to pay Lessor for any loss of or damage to said equipment while in his custody or other expenses resulting from Lessee’s use
of said equipment. Lessee agrees to pay full rental fee of said equipment until payment for such repairs or replacements have been made to
Area Rental. If Lessee accepts damage waiver, Lessee is not responsible for damage to equipment not caused through Lessee neglect up to
maximum limit of $5,000, the Lessee would be responsible for all damages over and above the $5,000. The Lessee is fully responsible for the
following regardless if the damage waiver was accepted or declined: damage to tires, cost of cleaning and reconditioning necessary resulting
from use in painting, sandblasting or similar use of equipment, cost of repair or replacement from negligent use from misuse or abuse of the
equipment or unnecessary exposure to the elements, or use for purposes for which the equipment was not designed, or for loading beyond
capacity. Tractors, loaders and skid steer loaders are not to be used for the purpose of demolition.

3. Lessee authorizes Lessor to bill Lessee’s credit card for all charges and expenses incurred pursuant to said contract.

4. Lessee agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Lessor from claims: loss and damage, including costs and attorney’s fees arising from or
occasioned by the operation, use or presence of the leased equipment or any act or default of Lessee, his agents or servant. Lessee assumes
all risks, liabilities and costs for all injuries to or death of any person or persons and damage to the property of anyone arising or occasioned by
the operation, use or presence of the leased equipment. Lessee shall reimburse Lessor for all attorney fees, court costs and expenses incurred
by Lessor to enforce collection to preserve and enforce Lessor’s rights under this contract.

5. Lessee shall assume all liability for any and all damage to personal property from any cause whatsoever while being transported in said
trailer and/or equipment including damage caused by water or theft.

6. For the purpose of enforcing Lessor’s ownership of said equipment and to protect Lessor’s rights under the contract, Lessee agrees that
Lessor may retake possession of equipment at any time and for such purpose to enter upon the premises of Lessee. Lessee hereby waives
any right of action against Lessor by reason of such retaking or entry.
Lessee acknowledges that he has examined said equipment and/or trailer, together with any coupling mechanism and that said equipment
and/or trailer and coupling mechanism are in good condition and that said trailer and/or equipment is securely connected to Lessee’s
automobile. Lessee agrees to assume all liability for any damages to the towing vehicle arising out of the use of said trailer and/or equipment.
Lessee agrees to periodically inspect said equipment and/or trailer and coupling mechanism and to maintain the same in a safe, dependable
and secure condition while in his custody. Lessee is fully responsible for the suitability of the towing vehicle and hitch assembles ability to
transport the weight of the trailer and load. Regardless of the party at fault, Lessee understands and agrees to be responsible for damage to
said trailer or equipment regulating from collision or other accident.

7. Lessee agrees that in the event any of the Property becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, Lessee will immediately discontinue the use
thereof and promptly notify Lessor. Lessee accepts responsibility for evacuating any tent when wind or gust exceed 25 MPH or when other
unsafe conditions arise. Lessor is not responsible for any damage caused by tents falling regardless of the cause. Grounds must be suitable
for the use of installation equipment, Lessor is not responsible for grass, grounds or asphalt damage.

8. Reservations canceled or significantly altered less than 72 hours before the Property is to be delivered or picked up by Lessee are subject to
a cancellation free equal to the full contract cost. All other reservation cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee of 1/3 of the contract cost.
Counts may be reduced by up to 15 percent of the dollar amount of the contract without penalty a minimum of 72 hours before the Property is to
be delivered or picked up. Deliveries are tail gate to tail gate. A $15 per man per 15 minutes is accessed on delays of pick ups or deliveries.

9. Lessee assumes full responsibility for any additional expenses incurred by Reason of Breakdown of said equipment. Lessee must pay for all
gas used. Sales tax is added to all rentals. Lessee pays for time out, not time used. There are minimum charges on Lessor’s equipment
regardless if Lessee used up all of that time. In case of equipment breakdown, it is Lessee’s responsibility to return equipment for service or
replacement. Time adjustments may be made, however, Lessee is still responsible for rental fees. Any equipment kept overnight is charged on
a daily basis. Any rental credits must be used within a 3 week period of the original rental contract. Lessee will be charged for service calls due
to Lessee error.

10. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties hereto and there are no collateral, oral or other agreements or
understandings. Inquiry proposals are null and void if not accepted within 15 days.

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