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A Face And Body Checklist For Your Wedding

Every bride (and to some extent, the groom) wants to look and feel perfect on her special day, especially because there will probably be no other occasion during which you will be more photographed.

While most brides put plenty of thought into their hairstyle and makeup, they don’t plan much further than that. But armed with a checklist of points to consider before your big day, you can ensure you truly are a blushing bride. So let’s get started.

Almost as soon as your guy pops the question, you need to head to the dermatologist or doctor to have any blemishes inspected and potentially removed. This should be done regardless of the style of dress you plan on wearing.

If you have any moles removed, be aware that a scar will most likely form, so ask your dermatologist to recommend a cream that will expedite the healing process and apply it religiously, especially if the scar may be exposed by your dress. In my opinion, it is preferable to have a scar than an unsightly mole, but it is up to you to make this determination for yourself, of course.

Even if you don’t plan on having moles removed, you can still use scar treatments for any other residual spots on your body. I was able to diminish the appearance of a scar on my thigh in the three months of my engagement based on a product suggestion from my doctor!

Inspect the “problem areas” on your body. Many brides aspire to lose weight before their wedding day, but few of them hone in on the spots they should tone in order to look best.

I highly recommend working with a personal trainer to whittle away at your biceps and triceps to have a lean look in virtually any wedding gown you choose. Buttocks, shoulders, and waist should also be attended, as they will all be showcased to some extent in whatever dress you select.

Wax, wax, wax! You should make an appointment to have several areas on the body treated a few days before the wedding. A full face treatment, which entails the chin, lips, cheeks, and eyebrows, along with underarms, tummy, and full Brazilian are all advisable.

Not only will that ensure that you glow in front of your guests, but you can also feel more confident for that special night with your new spouse. Having this many areas waxed will typically give you a significant discount, so make some phone calls or do some internet research to find out what kind of packages are offered by local estheticians.

Don’t stress if you don’t manage everything on your personal checklist. The most important thing is how you feel on your wedding day, after all.

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