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5 Ways to Save Money For Planning Your Wedding


Planning a wedding can be so expensive. Here is a great list of ways to cut costs without sacrificing style or elegance.

1. Bargain Shop For Liquor

If you are purchasing and/or choosing the liquors that will be offered at your reception, go to your local discount liquor store. Instead of offering brand name coffee liquor, amaretto, vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey, check out the store brands. Usually you can get store brands for about half the cost of brand names, without sacrificing quality or taste. Many liquor stores also offer discounts by the case, 6 bottles, saving you even more.

2. Bargain Shop for Invitations

There are many, many companies that offer invitations, napkins, thank yous, etc. Once you have fallen in love with a design, check other companies for that same design or one very similar. Usually, one or more companies will offer the same or almost identical invitation but the prices will vary significantly. Before you order, see if someone else offers that invitation for a less hefty price. You could save about one hundred dollars or more, depending on how many invitations you are ordering and if you are ordering napkins and thank yous as well. indian wedding traditions

3. Don’t Go Crazy With The Favors

As any married person can tell you, most of the beautiful favors that you ordered or crafted will be left behind when your guests leave. To help avoid costly waste with your favors, make your favors double as table decoration, featuring your colors or theme. That way, they serve two purposes. There are many companies that offer beautiful and themed favors for about one dollar or a little more each. It’s recommended that you shouldn’t spend more than two dollars per favor. Use the extra money you would have spent on the lavish favors to add something else to the ceremony or reception that you really wanted to. wedding planner

4. Consider Silk or “Real Touch” Flowers

Instead of Fresh Silk or fake flowers have come a long way in the last several years. They no longer look so “artificial.” Also, silk flowers can be arranged much longer in advance either by yourself, a crafty family member or friend, or a florist. Silk flowers do not need to be keep cool, will not wilt, or bruise, and last years. Silks are much more convenient when a bride has so many things going on in the last day or two before the wedding. You can purchase amazing silk or artificial flowers at any large chain craft store. Usually you can purchase fake flowers like orchids and lilies for the price of fresh roses and carnations. You could also find your dream flower arrangements online or in magazine and just recreate with silks. Besides saving the aggravation of working with fresh flowers you should save a couple hundred. royal wedding

5. Use Your Bridal Shower To Your Advantage

Use your bridal shower to help cover some of the basics like your guest book and pen, toasting flutes, cake serving set, unity candle and holder, etc. Pick out your favorites and provide the catalog or website information to your maid of honor or whomever is hosting your shower. This way, your friends and family can have the opportunity to get you something you really need and will cherish for years to come instead of another toaster or a set of towels.

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