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4 Different Structure Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

Your outdoor wedding should be perfect. This means preparing for the weather, no matter the season. Rain is the obvious culprit, but too much sun can also be a problem. You don’t want your guests getting heat stroke, after all. There are a variety of attractive structures on the market that can answer the needs of any outdoor wedding. Fabric structures are one of the easiest options, and come in many different shapes and and types.

1. Full tent

• The full tent includes side coverage as well as overhead protection, and can come with different peaks and side curtain designs. Consider this option if you are especially worried about wind. This type of structure is more expensive than just an overhead shelter, however.

2. Pagoda

• The pagoda structure is a classic shape of peaks and valleys. Usually pagoda structures come in a large variety of sizes, making it easy to have uniform style over shelters of different sizes. They are well-supported at each dip in the roof, so don’t worry about collapses no matter how big the structures are. Your wedding party will be safe, and the design of your wedding will be cohesive even if you have several differently sized structures in the same general area.

• For a truly unique design, the pagoda star is something to think about. This structure has the pagoda peaks and valleys with outer edge points for added flair. This might even be a good way to have one structure stand out among a selection of normal pagoda shapes, while still fitting in with the design of the rest.

3. Halo

• The halo structure is simple yet attractive. It is a square shape with a peak in the middle that allows the fabric to curve down towards the ground.

• This is a great structure if you want to have tables under a few smaller shelters rather than one large shape. Unlike the pagoda shape, the supporting poles are only on the side, leaving more room for tables. The halo structure can only be so large, however, because the supporting poles are only on the outside.

4. Conic

• The conic structure is very similar to the umbrella shape, except it has a prominent peak in the roof. This is an especially good option if you are most concerned about sun, since it allows shade cover while still appreciating the sunshine. These are smaller structures, suitable for standing areas or perhaps a couple tables. However, a space with several conic structures placed in different locations can look nicely contemporary, and allow your guests to mingle as they wish.

There are of course other shapes and styles to choose from. Those were just four ideas to get your mind working in the right way.

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