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25 Ways a Day Planner Will Improve Your Life

As a Day-Timer Spokesperson I am often asked to describe what I do. Once I explain that I promote personal planning solutions I find myself engaged in spontaneous conversations about productivity and time management.

It happens every time.

I’ve concluded that this is because planning is a dynamic topic onto which everyone has a link. A personal attachment. And, regardless of whether they are die-hard planning practitioners or among those who just want to start becoming more organized, most everyone understands the value of using a planner in their lives.

Your personal preferences of the tool you use may differ from mine. Whether you use paper, digital, or a combination of both, the outcomes are the same. Using a planner to help guide you through your day offers many benefits, physical and mental, emotional and spiritual.

Sitting down today, I decided to knock off a list of my top reasons a day planner will improve your life, I am certain there are more, so please add your own in the comments below.

Without further ado, here are 25 ways a day planner will improve your life:

1) It reminds you today, what you have forgotten since yesterday

2) When your day gets hectic, it offers a grounding point of stability, clarity

3) Not sure where to file information right now? Plug it into a planner note

4) Keeps your daily schedule in front of you

5) Keeps your monthly schedule in the big picture

6) Helps you remember birthdays of friends, family, and co-workers

7) Allows you to download and organize the information that’s busy in your head

8) A day planner in hand makes you look organized and qualified at job interviews

9) It’s a great place to start tracking expenses for your household budget

10) Digital day planners (iPhone apps) keep your info with you everywhere, including movies, dining, dentist, etc.

11) Helps you guide your life toward your true dreams and aspirations

12) Tracks the time you spend each day on tasks and distractions

13) Signals you (iPhone app) in advance when you need to be somewhere important

14) Reminds you what you did last week, last month for personal accountability

15) Using a planner is a constructive time-filler while waiting at the doctor’s office

16) It helps you avoid late fees by reminding you when bills are due

17) Stores important info such as frequent flier numbers, website passwords,

18) Logs your workouts, measuring progress toward your fitness goals

19) Carries a shopping list of your staples, so you don’t have to go home and open the refrigerator

20) Organizes all of your work and home tasks by project

21) Enhances your self-esteem with the satisfaction of checking off a task

22) Archives your activities for later reference

23) Simplifies you, keeping all your details for work and home in one place

24) Fights procrastination – it’s a physical motivation for what you should be doing now

25) Helps you keep promises, follow-through, and live up to your word

Please Add to My List

A day planner is a powerful tool for living a productive and contented lifestyle. My list could easily go on for hundreds more, but I’d love to hear what a planner does for you. They can be specific ideas or simple concepts – please comment at and tell me your thoughts.

Jeff Doubek is the Brand Spokesperson for Day-Timer, the leading provider of personal planning solutions. Day-Timer creates practical and flexible time management tools for people of all walks of life. Visit us online at or visit us on Facebook.

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