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Budget Wedding Dress Ideas

The bridal gown will be one of the most expensive elements of the entire wedding, but will be well worth it when your guests see the bride enter in an elegant dress and are struck speechless by her grace and beauty. Believe it or not, you can cut costs on the wedding gown without ending […]

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

The best way to decide on your preferred style of wedding dress is to settle on the silhouette you want to wear. The word “silhouette” refers mainly to the skirt style (though some also use the word to include the style of the bodice; it depends on who you talk to), and the fullness or shape that […]

Top Wedding Dress Code

Each journey begins with one step, and knowing what you want in your wedding dress, will make yours all the more joyful! Do you have your gown made, or buy one off the rack? There are different styles to try on, a range of fabrics to choose from and a huge variety of stores to […]

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